Through our professionals, strategic partners and global networks, we provide:

Transactional Services

  • Immigration - access to Visa, Green Card/permanent residency information
    and sponsorships & employment
  • Product Management, & Business Development - Distributions, Product
    Sourcing, Manufacturers, Buyers, Project Management and Creative Solutions
    for the International Business Community
  • M&A and Business Transactions
  • Income-Priority Investments with minimized risk
  • Real Estate & Investments

Consulting Services

  • Management Consulting
  • International product development, marketing & promotions
  • General Legal, Business, Investment, Education Consulting
  • International Media & Entertainment
  • Consultancy for overseas Ministries and Government
  • Creation of relationships between the International Business Community in
    international trade and global transactions
The Gateway to Global Transactions
Ascendo International provides global services, consultancy and a gateway for
international transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, legal and business
consultancy, contract negotiations, e-commerce, product marketing and client
With over 10 years experience in
the international arena, we strive to
deliver creative solutions &
unsurpassed results for our clients
Contact us:
Phone: +1 310 402 1578
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